Gas engine upgrade parts

Motortech is a company from Germany (DE) specialised in gas engine control and upgrades.

Motortech products include ignitions and ignition control, high-quality branded industrial spark plugs and own production, program for reliable gas engine control and management, sensor systems, program for advanced compound and emission regulation and accessories and own developments for the safe and efficient operation of stationary gas engines

“Today, the company is among the most efficient system suppliers in this industry and offers customers throughout the world a complete product range for all popular gas engines. For all brands.For all types of gas.”

Motortech has been recently acquired by Generac, USA.


Diesel and gas generator sets (gensets)

Sales of product range from around 10 – 3.000 kWe stand-by and continuous power, open sets installed inside modular containers or enclosed sets for outdoors from EU quality manufacturers with exports worldwide such as Himoinsa (Yanmar) and FG Wilson (Caterpillar).

Controllers for gensets with or without synchronisation (Woodward, DSE, Comap, …) and load transfer equipment and switchgear for low voltage applications (Socomec, ABB, Schneider Electric, …).

Full system intergration and complete installations are one of our core businesses for many years – we have done many solutions and export projects as subcontractors or partners for projects in Europe, Russia, India, …



Hybrid and renewable power

Intergrated hybrid and solutions for renewable power systems off- and on-grid.



Controllers & control systems

for industrial power and engine systems


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Gentherm – Global Thermoelectric

“Need to power technology on the moon? In 1975, Global’s founders, a group of entrepreneurs from the oil and gas industry, purchased thermoelectric technology from 3M. This technology was developed for NASA’s Apollo program and was actually used to generate power on the moon.

TEGs are regularly used in the following industries: 

-Gas pipelines, Wellheads, Offshore platforms, Telecommunications, Security surveillance and monitoring.”

Welcome to NUGENT.com




“Wm. W. Nugent & Co. (Inc.) was established in 1897 by the Nugent family to provide oiling devices for steam engine crank pins.  Today, more than a century later, we manufacture a complete line of liquid filters, strainers, coalescers, separators, zero leakage transfer valves, and self-cleaning filters.

We offer a full array of filter media ranging from: cleanable strainer baskets, pleated paper, high flow pleated synthetic, cotton waste, sock type cartridges, and our white stacked disc paper element, which has more dirt holding capacity than any other on the market today.”


… and spare parts and various products such as switchgear, converters, fuel tanks, starter/telecom batteries, …

sivacon switchgear






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