Our company has delivered, installed, commissioned and done service works with sales of over 300 gensets, over the past 20 years, with domestic & export projects to Slovenia, Montenegro, Kazahstan, Russia, 

also working for some of biggest companies in Croatia (like INA, Koncar KET, Emerson), Slovenia (SI Telecom), Kazahstan (KZ-China gas pipeline), Russia (Gazprom gensets in containers), Montenegro (Porto Montonegro hotel gensets) …

Around 50% of our annual turnover is export oriented and also around 50% of our projects is solutions, not just plain sales, but sales with additional value.







Our partners and customers include: Emerson Network Power, INA, STSI, InAgip, Koncar KET, PSP Okoli, Himoinsa, BU Perkins, …

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Some of our projects:

– 2 gensets  17 & 35 kVA for off-grid hybrid and small data center back-up

– 2 gensets 750 & 250 kVA, 60 Hz  – hydro power plant construction – central America

– parts and works on upgrade of detonation and temp monitoring system on INAGIP offshore oil rigs 

– 4 gensets 50 kVA installed in containers – EU telecoms

– 2 units 150kVA canopy units on skid for data centers – EU & Africa datacenter

– 7 gensets 22 kVA installed in containers

– 2 units 550 kVA for a hotel project abroad

– 12 units 22 & 65 kVA installed in containers for Emerson-export to Gazprom Russia

– spare parts for TEGs for INAGIP offshore oil rigs 

– supply of base oils from Mobile to INA national oil & gas company

– upgrades of gas engines for STSI & PSP, Croatia

– service and upgrade of gas trubines for INA: 501 KB to Motortech ignition system

– reconstruction of base fixings for INA: KVR 616 4,5 MW gas power enigines

– TEG systems for Emerson, Croatia in Kazakstan, commissioning and service/maintenance of systems comprising of 3+1 TEGs and GPRS (gas pressure reducing station) on gas pipeline

– 6 units 800 kVA prime/900 kVA stand-by with PLC control and Siemens Sivacon S8 TSs for Prompt – Slovenian Telecom main bulding, Ljubljana, Slovenia